I just want to share you one of my realizations early this year.  I was driving and listening to an old podcast of a preaching made by one of my favorite pastors.  He quoted and sang this famous line in one of MC Hammer’s rap song “TOO LEGIT TO QUIT”.  For those who do not have any idea of the song or who MC Hammer is, you might want to click here.

I do not usually associate a lot of things to my line of work but when I heard that statement, I immediately and naturally connect this invaluable lesson to the mentality and attitude I believe each taxpayer must come to realize:  TAXPAYERS ARE TOO LEGIT TO QUIT.

Too legit to quit doing what you may ask.

Well, in my seven (7) years of experience in this field; I came to realize that the advocacy of fighting graft and corruption is not easy.  It’s like a David-Goliath match personified.  Graft and corruption are so severe in this country it leads people to believe that it is incurable.  As I go on this journey, life has not been a cake-walk for sure.  It requires sacrifice and tears.  I remember one time someone told me that I suddenly turned to an “iron butterfly” over the years.  Maybe because this fight will require you to be tough, definitely pushing and extending your strength and limits until abilities you never thought you are capable of, surface.  Add to that, this path also consists of different personalities who obliquely – if not directly – mock you, belittle your capacity, insult your intelligence and magnify their own hopelessness in our government system.  Along the way, they will try to pull you down, to make you stop and lose your focus.

People who tend to give up are those who participate in the battle expecting positive and tangible results overnight.    But for those who were able to keep up is surely rewarded with a sweet and glorious victory in the end.

Just this week, I received a long awaited Resolution in one of cases that we handle.  The Resolution dismissed the criminal complaint filed by the BIR to one of my clients for there is no probable cause found to indict him for the crime.  I could not help but recall from the time a copy of the Complaint is received, I could see foresee the long and tedious battle ahead.  The processes employed in winning this case is very different from the short-cut and hurried practices we used to know, or grew up with.  The so-called “kalakaran” is never resorted here.  That being said, I know I must be ready for the challenges, study and make necessary sacrifice to be able to firm up my focus and stance.  It took almost a year of before we got a favorable Resolution.  It is a living drama of the epic battle I just described earlier.  It is not an easy journey, but learned a lot nonetheless.  To my client, I am not just a tax consultant; I am their friend, confidante, cheerleader and a legal advisor.  Among the roles that I play, I think the last one is the biggest challenge for me because I am not a lawyer by profession.  Because of this, I unintentionally offended some people and made professional adversaries along the way.

My point is, contrary to the popular belief and widely accepted perception that we cannot stand up against the corrupted ways of the government; the Resolution I received is a testament that a taxpayer can simply win by following and applying laws, rules and procedures.  Without bribing, a positive decision was received.  I do not mean to brag my success story in this post.  As a matter of fact, I cannot boast of anything but God’s glory and love for me.  Through Him, I am able to fight; and because I know that He will not forsake those who do righteous deeds, I know He will always be with me as I face perils that come with this advocacy.

If there’s one thing that we cannot give up on; it’s the act of doing good, choosing to do good, being compliant with the law and preferring to be upright, even if others are not.  Let us not be weary in sailing against the tide and current of corrupt practices.   Though there may be struggle, we have an option not to yield and surrender to corruption that cripples our mother land.  There are so many ways for us to prep and equip ourselves.  We just have to row through it.  As long as the law is on our side, we are too legit to give up this fight.

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