The #SONA and its other half

So, it was some #SONA right?

What we heard, see and witness last Monday still resonates until now and we can’t deny that some of us are still enamored, inspired and empowered from a #SONA like that. It’s been a while since we heard an address like what was delivered last July 25, 2016 since it came from no other than but President Rodrigo (Digong) Duterte himself.

Personally, I’m moved with the manner he addressed the nation. He did it with all appeal, transparency and candidness. It may be lacking in terms of concrete plans and means of projects applicable to different aspects and needs of our country but one thing for sure, he made it very clear as to what direction his leadership is determined to take this country. That is a country free from drugs, free from crime and free from corruption.

I cannot hide my excitement on what he is going to say about tax and the battle against corruption that has become spiritless. Unfortunately, these two words (tax and corruption) are naturally and inevitably associated with each other that it seems disconcerting how unaware others might be to the comfortable linkage. Now I believe and (sincerely) hope that the President Duterte and BIR Commissioner Dulay (Duterte-Dulay) campaign in stopping corruption is already in transit; and in the soonest time, we can see tangible results.

So, I cannot help but be psyched and applause when President Duterte says these following words:

“On taxation, my administration will pursue tax reforms towards a simpler, and more equitable, and more efficient tax system that can foster investment and job creation. We will lower personal and corporate income tax rates and relax the bank secrecy laws.”

Simple and equitable; efficient tax system; lower personal and corporate income tax; not to mention the lax in bank secrecy which welcomes the idea of an open lifestyle-check to any public official, paired with the recently-approved of the FOI Bill; all these seem to be far-fetched before, but now they are almost within our reach. I feel like a soldier handed with so many ammunition.

I have another one. I almost tear up a bit when I heard this.

“To our police officers and other officials, do your job and you will have the unwavering support of the Office of the President. I will be with you all the way. Abuse your authority, and there will be a hell to pay, for you will have become worse than criminality itself.”

Music to our ears isn’t it?

The President’s clear and simple instructions to those seated in power are significant indications that change is coming indeed. But lest we forget, these recourses in tax reform and war against corrupt public officials are not actually unilateral. I believe that if Duterte-Dulay campaign aims to strike out the corruption inside the BIR (in whatever means necessary), the ripple effect would befall on us taxpayers too.

In a positive perspective, this campaign would produce honest and efficient government officials and discard those who are not. Another facet would be, it would produce honest and efficient taxpayers and criminally punish those who are not. My simple understanding would be, if public officials abuse their authority, there’ll be hell to pay; and if taxpayers would disregard the law, there’ll be nasty consequences as well.

Maybe change had or will come indeed. But I believe it will not fully consummate once we do not take part on this change. The old practice of bribing an official has not and will never produce favorable effects for any businessman and for the nation. More so, the old practice of under-declaring and making false and fraudulent returns will bring the image of hell to your business and livelihood. (Pardon me for exaggerating)

The change maybe implemented from the top, but it will trickle down to us at the very least – to the one who creates revenues, the one signs tax returns, the one who keeps journals and ledgers, the one who pays taxes to the bank, the one who make reports, the one who certifies and examines such report; all these are part and linked in one constant thing our country aspires for, CHANGE.

Disclaimer: This article is posted based on the author’s conviction and belief, which shall be likewise considered as a privileged communication.

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