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We Take Care of all your Tax Matters!

We are ETM Tax Agent Office, Inc., a private corporation with the sole objective of assisting individual and business taxpayers in complying tax obligations as mandated by both national and local governments through honest and stress free procedures.

To help in nation-building, we advocate in helping taxpayers know and understand their rights that would make them embrace their very true identity as a partner and stakeholder of the Philippines. Through the guidance and strength given by our Almighty God, we teach taxpayers taxation laws and procedures useful in protecting and shielding themselves. We empower taxpayers and promote honest payment of taxes.

Shared Vision

A nation built by taxpaying community filled with stakeholders that are fully cognizant with their role and right as a taxpayer; nourished and cultivated to achieve business continuity that greatly contribute to economic growth; and an avalanche of confident and tax-compliant entrepreneurs, unfazed by and free from the influence of corruption.

Shared Mission

Our mission is to value and safeguard the integrity and livelihood of taxpayers by means of empowering them through competent tax education. 

Corporate Values

ETM-TAO values integrity and knowledge. We advocate knowledge transfer to equip taxpayers to have a fair-play dealing with public officials.